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432-209-7448 Scam Alerts

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On Saturday, July 12, 2014 at approximately 3 pm CT I received a phone call from a man identifying himself as Lt. Tommy Donaldson with the Ector Co. Sherif’s department. He said I had two outstanding citations, one for failure to appear for jury duty and one for contempt of court for not responding to the first citation. I informed him that I had not received any jury summons and that when I have in the past I have always replied in a timely fashion. He said that I was to appear in front of Judge James P. Del Gado III and to prevent my being arrested before I went in front of the judge I could pay the citations. Once I went before the judge and explained my situation and the fact that I am 70 years old the cases would be dismissed and the “fines” would be returned. He continued by saying that they could no longer take cash, checks, credit card or money orders and that I would have to purchase a “voucher”. In order to do that I would have to go to HEB, (a regional grocery store), Stripes, (a convenience store) or CVS a pharmacy. I pressed him at several points as to where I was supposed to take this voucher and he continued by saying that once I had the voucher I would be given further instructions. He told me to give him my cell phone number so they could monitor me while I was getting the voucher; I was to keep the phone line open to their number. I did make a remark about a scam and was assured it was not since they had not asked for anything but he did continue to infer that my arrest was imminent. I did try to talk to a neighbor who is in law enforcement but he was not available. So I went to the nearest CVS and told the clerks at the counter I was there to purchase a voucher for an Ector Co. citation. They looked at me rather strangely and I repeated my request and then told Lt. Donaldson that they did not seem to know what I was asking for and at that point the clerks said “Oh NO! It’s a scam! Don’t do it” Where upon I hung up on the Lt. I proceeded to call my friend in law enforcement and told him what was occurring and he verified that it was indeed a scam. While I was on the phone with him I had several incoming calls from Lt. Donaldson’s number, none of which I answered, then I got the following text message “Mrs. price you ordered to pull your vehicle over and make contact immediately” Needless to say I did not. Thanks to the alert clerks at CVS I was not out the almost $1000.00 for the “Vouchers” The phone # of the first call that came in is 432-209-7448. This was also the same number that showed up on my cell phone which I now have blocked. On my cell phone the number came in as originating from Seminole, TX. I am fortunate in that I did not give them any money but I hope this may help you to catch these creeps who are preying on unsuspecting, law abiding people.

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