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415-401-5775 | | Time Waster Escort Abusers

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Date: 12:46 am

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This guy was such a f*****g idiot. He asked over the phone what kind of massages are we talking here and I couldnt answer over the phone, I mean he asked in a suggestive voice, so I followed protocol and hung up, then the a*****e texted me saying that was rude, claimed I had a horrible attitude, said I was too much, and denied what he said over the phone, on text. Any client with half a brain knows better than to ask for services over the phone. Its not my job or any girls job to educate a stupid john on how to be a john.

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First Name: 415-401-5775
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Time Waster
Category: Escort Abusers


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