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320-310-6027 | | Robert Aderman | | Screws With You Escort Abusers

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Date: 10:14 am

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This dude is a tool. He isnt a client, however he contacted me on a hookup app citing he seen my ad, but considering it was a hookup app..there was now expectation of an exchange. However, two weeks and dozens of texts later, along with a couple no shows, I call him out on it. Then he proceeds to say all sorts of demeaning things about me being an escort, f*****g for a paycheck, and sending me old photos from my escort ads that I dont even have in my own possession anymore. This guy is crazy, I believe he is capable of doing this to others who are advertising as well. Facebook seems older and outdated, but used to verify him. Though Im suspicious that he may not look like his pics which may be why he failed to meet on a couple occasions.

Gay Timewaster rentmen/apps Robert Aderman (320) 310-6027

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First Name: 320-310-6027
Middle Name: |
Last Name: | Robert Aderman | | Screws With You
Category: Escort Abusers


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