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Anthony called off a 2 girl ad my friend and I had posted. Attempted to get us to go see him in a trailer park in a sketchy part of town (North Las Vegas) at 4:30 in the morning. Had attempted to screen him prior to accepting the appointment and found a few things. One was a FaceBook account. Everything he had told me about where he lived full-time (L.A.) and what he did for a living (worked in the crude oil industry) was reflected on his FaceBook, so that was comforting. But also found a couple of things that were unsettling. Came across a phone number match to a hookup website called or something to that affect, where the person’s username was “Pimpin Snow” . The post was a couple of years old so I considered that someone else may have had that number previously. I also found a person named Anthony Marzett Searcy who had an arrest record in the state of Florida as a registered s*x offender of a child under the age of 12!!! This was cause for concern, obviously, but upon comparison, neither my friend nor I could ascertain whether the mugshot pictures matched the guy in the FaceBook pictures. | We decided to err on the side of caution and made up an excuse of car trouble and opted not to go so late at night. When invited back over at 4:00 in the afternoon the following day, I decided to have a gentleman friend drive me and go check things out. Upon arrival, I made sure that Anthony was aware there was a man waiting for me in the car and made sure he saw him out there. | When I entered the dwelling, I was greeted by two additional men. Anthony was a large African-American guy, another HUGE African-American guy as big as the guy in The Green Mile, and a white hillbilly guy who was supposedly their boss. There were cameras on the outside of the trailer showing approaching cars and anyone at the door, cameras inside the trailer, and video screens to show all the action. There were cots all over the place, and Anthony told me I could stay there if I wanted. The place was a pig sty, yet these men claimed to live there when they were in Vegas. i recognized it as a Trap House, a place to lock up kidnapped women to be used in s*x trafficking. Very scary situation. | I got the h**l out of there after being told he had no intention of paying my donation, he just wanted to get me over there and offer me a place to stay. Totally creepy. I was able to leave without incident since my guy friend was right outside, but Anthony continued to text me an harangue me after I left. Claiming to be a millionaire and saying he didn’t want me, he wanted my friend and that was the only reason he didn’t pay me. My gut tells me had we both gone over there alone the night before, we may not have been heard from again.After repeatedly requesting that Anthony leave me alone and lose my number, he bragged about being Pimpin Snow and told me to look him up on YouTube. I told him I was already well aware of exactly who he was, and blocked him from further contact. | Ladies, we have instincts for a reason. I trusted mine the night this guy originally called, but went the next day out of necessity. Luckily I had the foresight to bring a large gentleman friend with me, or I might not be writing this warning today. Stay away from this guy. I’ve included a first and last name, phone number and address. If even one of these things matches up with info you’re given from a potential client, DO NOT GO.

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